How to manage your day better

Your day can be a success… Or not. Everything depends on whether you manage your day or let your tasks to manage you. I’ll give you three easy ways for you to manage your day better. There was a time some years back when my to-do list grew and grew. Why? Every day, there were a […]

start your day stress free

How to start your day stress-free?

Having kids can be very rewarding as you continuously learn from them. One of the lessons we learn from our children is how to make every day happy and joyful. I give you five tips to help you start your day stress-free with no more hassle, no more panic, no more bad moods…   A few […]

New Year’s resolutions

How To Make Good New Year’s Resolutions

When one year ends and another starts, we tend to reflect on our past year (and our entire life) and plan to change… well… everything in the coming year. What could you do to make this self-reflection easier and make the new year better based on that? Or in other words, how do you make […]