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Hi! I'm Tuuli, the founder of Become Happy Stay Happy. 

Become Happy Stay Happy?!? What is that? 

It is a resource for easy, practical, and quick tools to help you relieve your stress, increase your productivity, create your business, manage your projects, and add happiness to your life.

Being an entrepreneur I missed easy tools. You probably know this constant time crunch where you have a huge to-do list of critical tasks, and your own well-being somehow isn’t on it, but instead is on the maybe-some-other-time list? So after the birth of my second child when my depression was the deepest, I stumbled upon some practical tools, which had unexpected benefits for me. As a result, I started to see glimpses of light in the total darkness. I began to remember what it was like to feel happy. And of course, I began to study more and more so that I could share these tools, techniques and ways with you.


I learned that I don't need to live in a completely stress-free state, but I can learn to manage my stress, which means I can improve my health and wellbeing, which enhances my ability to work. I am now more productive in the work community—but not overworked—and I feel more joyful and happy because I put in the time and effort to feel better.

Anne S.

Tuuli Paaksi is an excellent coach. She truly facilitates in that she breaks down complex ideas and makes the application easy. Tuuli has given me insight into a huge variety of issues in my life, allowing me to instantly see new alternatives to what seemed like insurmountable problems. Tuuli understands business, pricing, marketing, as well as interpersonal relations. She also knows what to ask so that I get back in touch with my body. Tuuli has a huge awareness and knows how to put me in touch with my own awareness and knowledge. She is a highly valuable coach and facilitator in my life.

Cynthia Makris

Laughing is the most effective tool.

It changes everything.


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