New Year’s resolutions

How To Make Good New Year’s Resolutions

When one year ends and another starts, we tend to reflect on our past year (and our entire life) and plan to change… well… everything in the coming year. What could you do to make this self-reflection easier and make the new year better based on that? Or in other words, how do you make […]

Best Christmas Gifts for Reducing Stress

50 Best Christmas Gifts of 2019 for Reducing Stress

Christmas is known to be one of the most stressful times of the year. Here you will find a useful list of stress-relieving Christmas presents. These stress management tools are so useful that you should buy (at least) one of them for yourself.Making this list was soooo fun. As I did research for this list, […]

How To Feel Good – Christmas Calendar

We all wish we constantly felt good and happy. Often, however, we forget that it requires some specific activities to feel good and happy… or to keep these feelings. Would you let me remind you how you can increase your well-being, feel good, and be happy?I have created a Christmas Calendar for you so that you […]

stress reduction techniques

Top 20 science-backed stress reduction techniques

As a Personal Development Coach, I have noticed the stress that people put themselves under more and more both at work and at home. In this article, I break the belief that stress reduction techniques require a lot of money. Here you find 20 free science-backed stress reduction techniques.Maybe you have noticed that you are […]


Gratitude, The Key to Reducing Stress

The principle is simple; if you focus on something, it starts to dominate your life. If you focus on your mistakes and your problems, then you will start to find more and more that things don’t work as they should. Similarly, if you focus on what is right in your life, you start to find […]