Seven Easy Steps to Find a Zest for Life

February 27, 2019

If your days are dull and boring, nothing excites you, and you can't find any joy, it's high time to start looking for the zest of your life. It would be useful to start earlier than that, before you hit bottom, as the lack of joy in life usually refers to depression.

Where can you find a zest for life? You will not find it in the sock drawer, children's bookshelves, your to-do list on the fridge door, or under your bed. From this last place, you'll likely only find a lot of dust bunnies.

A zest for life is inside of every one of us, and you can find yours in seven easy steps.

Define what "zest for life" means to you

You can remind yourself what kind of things and activities you enjoyed when you were a child and make a list of them. You can also add your hobbies and things you excel at to this list. You can remind yourself of the times when you were happy and enthusiastic.  What did you then?  What was different? You can also fantasize about what you might like. Would it bring you more zest for life?


Make a decision

Decide to start experimenting with the activities on your list. Please schedule a time slot during each day so that you can test each one. Making a decision will help you to prepare for the experiment, and that decision can in and of itself increase the joy and enthusiasm of your life.



Test each activity on your list until you know whether it adds joy to your life (or not). In this way, you get a list of activities which you know will add zest for life. And whenever you need ideas for bringing more joy and anticipation into your life, you can choose an item from this list. By the way, you can always add something new to your list or take something away if you find it doesn't bring you joy anymore.


Schedule activities that bring joy

Book yourself time in your calendar EVERY DAY. Schedule about 15-30 minutes daily to add zest to your life. And every day you can perform different activities to guarantee that you won't be bored.


Be present

Focus on what you are doing. Right now! This very moment. Don't lament your past, don't worry about the future. Be present and focus! Recognize how you feel and how your body reacts to it. Did you know that being present in the moment can instantly increase your joy?


Celebrate small achievements

If we wait until the significant achievement comes, it can take a long time. When we expect that awesome moment; the moment where we become happy and enthusiastic it makes this activity boring and dull. And then we start to avoid even attempting the process. You should take into account that this activity could also backfire on occasion. That's why you should celebrate when you've tested something new, and it has increased the joy in your life. Celebrate when you find yourself delighted by the wonders of nature, great friends, and tasty food. Celebrate these small achievements, and by doing that you make your development into a joyful life happen even faster.


Be with happy people

Happy people laugh often. Happy people are excited about the challenges and the future they create. Happy people do not complain or worry about the past. We tend to copy the behavior of the people who surround us. So why not mimic the behavior of happy people?


Are you ready to start? 

Or maybe you are already accustomed (and perfectly content) with a permanently dull and joyless life?


I have some questions for you:

• What if the purpose of your life is not at all boring?

• What if your life and the lives of all of us were designed to be joyful, fun, inspiring, exciting, full of laughter, and zest for life?


Yes, I know! Sometimes life is difficult, and you may encounter problems. The question is, should you stay there indefinitely. Because, if you are ready for the changes, then these problems will be history soon.


Are you starting to look for the zest for life you've lost? Or have you decided to stay in that zombie-like life where every day reminds you of the one before it?

What do you choose?


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