Stress Management Success Road

The Stress Management Success Road is a system that guides you on the way from stress to joy.

There are several different stages and many steps in the Stress Management Success Road.

The first stage is Stress First Aid. The target and course of this phase is to focus on the quick stress reduction. This stage begins with getting to know your stress because it’s essential to identify what causes stress for you, whether it’s a particular area of life or even a specific environment. Each source of stress can also be slightly different. Also, knowing how your body reacts to stress is essential. These stress symptoms are the warning signs you can then look for. The earlier you discover your stress is getting worse, the faster and more efficiently you can reduce it. This stage also includes reducing the stress reactions of your body and how you can use a wide variety of tools (which I will also offer to you) to feel more balanced.

The second stage is Coping with Stress. The target of this stage is to manage stress more thoroughly. Often, stress can be caused either by our way of living or by our way of working. So, what might inspire your neighbor or teammate may cause you stress. And vice versa. This stage focuses on changing your habits. Here, I also offer different tools for you to use. This stage includes also adding joy to your life. By the way, did you know that the more joy you have in your life, the less challenging situations are able to add stress to it? That’s why it’s so important to make sure there is enough joy in your life! And, of course, I offer you tools to learn how to do this as well.

The last stage in the Stress Management Success Road is the Maintenance of a Balanced Life. The target of this stage is to learn how to work (and live) so  you can continuously reduce your stress factors and increase your stress resilience. This stage also includes various computer programs and apps that can make your life easier, increase your productivity, and even increase your creativity. This stage should not be skipped because if you are not always focusing on reducing the sources of your stress, increasing stress resilience, and taking care of your wellbeing, stress can surprise you again. Just as I was surprised three years ago (and not at all happy about that).


I invite you to join the Stress Management Success Road. You can follow the path to happiness during 1-to-1 coaching sessions. In our sessions, you will receive personalized access to various analyses, tools, exercises, guided meditations, and hypnosis scripts to help you achieve your target for the session, whether it’s related to your business, family life, or personal development.

Stress Management Success Road