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How do you balance me-time, being a mother, and running a business? How do you get business ideas if you are mom? These are questions I asked Sharika Kellogg, the founder of The 25/8 MOM.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How to achieve work-life balance
  • The importance of me time
  • How to brainstorm ideas to create your business

About Sharika Kellogg:

Sharika founded The 25/8 MOM to help other moms achieve their desired life for themselves and families through a Virtual Businesses based on past experiences and their passions.  Sharika also help moms understand the importance of creating and having M.E. Time© (Mom Essential Time), based on her experiences as a single mom, foster mom, and adoptive mom and entrepreneur. 

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TP: Today I'm speaking about work-life balance with my great guest, Sharika Kellogg. Welcome, Sharika. So you gave up your corporate life and started your own business in 2017. With this move, you took an enormous risk. Can you please share us your story?

SK: I was a mom, a single mom of two little boys. I was fostering, I adopted one and foster to another. And my boss told me that I wasn't doing a good job at momming around Christmas time. And he sent me a text and said, "you know, you're not doing a great job at momming" and "give one of your boys back", meaning give my foster son back until "you get momming right". And I was just like, "Wow he told me I was not being a good mom". And when you're a foster mom, when you're an adoptive mom, you have to take a lot of time off to do courts and doctors appointments because they're not, you know, in the best health. And so I decided at that time that I waited 30 some odd years to be a mom. I was not going to miss any part of their lives, and I thought I was doing a great job, and my heart wasn't in corporate America anymore because it was now in this corporate mom mode, and I decided to turn in my notice and quit my job. And when that happened, it opened up a lot of opportunities for me.

TP: And so now you're a mom and you run a successful business.

SK: Yes, I am. I'm a mom of four little people. Sometimes I have to think about it. I have a seven year old. I have a soon to be six year old, a five year old, soon to be five year old and a one year old. She just turned one. I foster a little girl and I have three little boys that have adopted from foster care. And I started  in 2017, I started a virtual assistant business. And that soon included me basically teaching other moms what I did to kind of liberate myself from corporate America and be more at hand for my children and that turned into 25/8 Mom, where I was able to teach and inform women that there's other options out there so that they can pick up their children in time for school and take vacations in the summertime and do everything that they need to do to support their family and still be there for their families.

TP: So how can you combine those two, this mom part time, the successful business part, it feels so huge task.

SK: I hear that a lot and I, I honestly am, I struggled with it for the first year. For the first year, I kind of was doing more mom stuff and not taking care of myself, and that is the big key of it all, you have to take care of yourself. You have to make sure that you have time for yourself. And I wasn't doing that because I felt like I had to be hands on. I waited so long to be a mom and I left corporate America. So I had to be hands on of my clients, hands on of my mom or my children and nothing for myself. And I learned that if I was going to make this be a successful change chapter in my life or change my life, I actually had to breathe, acknowledge what I could do, what I need to plan, and what I could not do in that immediate moment. And it all started to flow and put in place. And so I started teaching my friends and my client,"Listen, I get it, you want to do it all, but you can't as a mom, you just have to take it one step at a time as a client, take it one step at a time as a business owner, take it one step at a time and start to click".

TP: So what are those main tips you share with a woman who would like to get out of the nine to five job and start a profitable business?

SK: I, my first step, and I know this sounds weird and I'm probably going to get a lot of flak from other female entrepreneurs is don't go into it for the money, go into it for the passion, because if you go into it for the money of trying to start a business that's going to make a lot of money, you're going to fizzle out. You're going to not like yourself or your business and you're not going to want to do it, and you start looking for that nine to five again. Going through it for the passion, what you love to do, what you're good at, what you've done in the past, that light you up. If you do it that way, you're always going to love what you do. You're going to wake up in the morning, ready to work, ready to face your clients, ready to do what you need to do. It also makes juggling your schedule a whole lot better because you love it. You love your children, you love your job. That's your other baby. It just makes it all one big family. And you know what? When you have a passion that you love to do, you include your family into it, too, and it becomes a family business. So it almost makes it a legacy that you're building and you're growing this baby along with your family.

Go into it for the passion, because if you go into it for the money of trying to start a business that's going to make a lot of money, you're going to fizzle out. - Sharika Kellogg, Podcast Step Up & Thrive

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TP: Have you had any clients who who are asking, "Oh my God, I don't even know what is my passion? Where could I start?"

SK: I absolutely that was one of the things that happened during the whole pandemic when things had all shut down. Women were like, "What do I do? You know, my kids are at home, how do I do this?" And I was just like, "What did you do at your job that lit up? And what did you not what did not like you up at your job?". And I had just had them do a list. And then I looked at the list and I was like, "Well, you have this. Tell me about it took five things, three things off that I love to do list. What what about these things? Do you love or do you know that you could create a position or business out of just doing this?" and they're like, "wait, why?". Or moms have stayed at home and needed more income I'm like,"You know, you're running a nonprofit right now at home. You can basically start your own nonprofit based off of things you're already doing". And just as long as your business is legitimately set up with something and I stress you create a business out of anything you love to do, it just takes looking at it and understanding how it works.

TP: Yeah, a long time ago I saw really great example of a CV for staying at home moms, all those organizational skills and feeding a huge number of people, cleaning expert and there was really several pages of all the skills required to stay at home moms should have. And I was really amazed. Oh my God. Nobody cannot even imagine that you basically don't have experience in that right, chore as such but still this kind of work, it's, it's amazing. It's, it's really different kind of experience. What others cannot compete.

SK: But I tell a lot of the stay at home moms or the PTA moms, as I like to call them, are always saying, "Well, I don't have the experience to go into and, you know, and tell somebody I do this", I am like,  one woman, she did amazing parties, birthday parties that were like superstars world wide. And I was like, "If you just take the images of what you've done already, that is your calling card. You have that experience. People will hire you based off of just the photos that you are showing of these parties you put together for your friends and your family and your children". And she was like, "Areyou serious?", and literally, she took it and she went to the school board and she was then running at a gala for the school board after showing them her pictures. And I was just like, "See? "And she was doing it. And she, it lit her up so much and she was so in love with what she was doing that didn't feel like work. And that's what I want to give to people. I want, I want them to do something that does not feel like work. It is your passion. It's what you want to do.

TP: And it's it's really funny because people don't feel that, "OK, if I'm doing something what I like to do and that it doesn't feel like work, then it's like not right to show up or not for business because it's like sort of like a hobby anyway".

SK: Exactly. Exactly. I mean, it mean something as little as crocheting a blanket can be a virtual profession, you know, it just basically takes whatever you your passion is and going for it. And that's the you know, I love to stress it to these women, these moms.

TP: So we talked about how this woman could get out of the nine to five job. What about if you already have business and you would like to scale it, what to do then?

SK: OK, so I've had women who have started their virtual professions with me as VAs, which is absolutely amazing. One of my clients who I absolutely adore, she wanted, she adopted a son just like me, asked what she could do to just get more money for daycare, because that's one of the things in the States you don't get when you adopt. They take away your daycare fund, which is like a mini mortgage. And I was just, you know, I showed her how to become a VA. And she she was just like, "OK, I just want to make two thousand a month" and then it moved to five thousand a month. And then it moved to ten thousand a month. And pretty soon she was just scaling her business to white label and she sold it for over a million dollars. And what she was doing was she was just taking everything I taught her and redoing it over and over again to reach the next scale, but doing it on a higher level. So she said, "OK, this is what I did to these people and bring these clients on board. And now this is the client base". So we just kept picking her customer avatar, although I don't like to use that when it comes to being a virtual professional, but basically the customer avatar just increasing the person that you are trying to reach or the level of the person that you're trying to reach. And so it went from small individual companies to corporations to enterprises, and she was able to scale just using basically the three steps that I taught her over and over again until she reached the level that she wanted to.

TP: So it's sort of like easy to repeat those.

SK: It's a repeat. I'm a mom. I don't have time to reinvent the wheel. I'm like, "Listen, if it's clean, shake it out the game". You have other things to do with your life. And if it's if I create something very simple for you to use over and over again, that will get you different results at different levels at your life. That is when I know I've done my job for you.

TP: Right. It's amazing. So now it's time for our Quick Tips section. This is something what we do regularly on our podcast. And my question is, what is your biggest revelation about having a profitable business without sacrificing time for me time and family life?

SK: OK, so the biggest revelation, I would say, is that, it's a good one, I would say that my biggest revelation on what you can do without sacrificing your time is just basically giving yourself grace. Now, I know that sounds very broad, but what I mean by that is always have one thing on your to do list that you're OK with not doing. That's my biggest tip, and that's what I always tell people, even my own mother, you're not going to get it all done. You know, you will see your child get frustrated because they can't tie their shoe or they can't do it. But they I always tell my son, "You've got the two loops. We'll get to the, you know, swoop in, tie and pull section it's OK. Just let's just perfect the two loops". So find the one when you're doing your to do list, if there's something that's due in twenty-four hours or twelve hours or six hours, those are your two bunny ears from your time in your shoe. And then if you have something that you could push out to the next day or bigger project that you know needs to be perfect, it's OK to put that off to the next day. And I just that's what I mean by give yourself a raise. It's OK to put things off. I understand that you have a list of things that you like to check it off. We're moms. That's what we do. But give yourself grace to say "I'm going to leave that to tomorrow". And if it's something that you absolutely love to do and you have more time to do it tomorrow, leave it for tomorrow because it's going to light you up to do it and you're going to anticipate getting it done and doing a great job on it.

TP: So no self blame. No, no worry about "oh my God, my other ninety nine items on my todo-list still are there".

SK: No, I mean your todo-list on is let's be honest with each other. It's constantly gonna grow, it's going to grow and grow and grow. You're never going to get to the bottom of it. And if you do I would love to speak to you. But my to do list, I always like going more the top as the day goes.

TP: So great, such a relief, "Ok. I don't have to be perfect."

SK: No, not at all. You just have to be present, not perfect.

TP: Yes, that's really a good tip. So thank you so much Sharika for joining us and sharing all those tips. And if our listeners would like to know more about you and follow you way, can they do so?

SK: So I am on Facebook, I have a Facebook page, Sharika Kellogg Consulting or 25/8 MOM together, and then I also have a group which I have lovely moms that are in there that give me tips on how to cook because I'm not a great cook and we give each other tips on all kinds of things and just kind of uplift each other. And then I'm also on Instagram as well, and I'm at The 25/8 MOM

TP: And all those links you'll find also on our show notates. So and I know that you have a great gift to our podcast listeners, can you tell us about that one?

SK: Absolutely, so I wanted to make sure that if there's any moms or women out there that are looking to do their find their passion and figure out how to turn their passion into a virtual professional, I have a free guide that will reveal to you the top 10 virtual professionals that every mom has skills for. And the link is going to be in the show, I believe. And just click on it and you'll get that guide and you'll be able to give you some idea of all the things that you're already doing that can actually give you some freedom as far as working and some extra money in your pocket.

TP: Thank you so much. It has been amazing, the interview, and I'm so happy you came to the podcast.

SK: Thank you so much for having me. It has been a great time.

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