Four 60-Minutes Coaching Sessions

The price of Four 60-Minute Coaching Sessions is 960 €.

If needed you can use XE Currency Converter. This conversation is indicative!
When paying for these coaching sessions Stripe (the payment processing service I use on this website) can charge you a somewhat different amount due to their own conversation systems.

Booking information and other information related to the coaching will be available to you after the purchase.

By purchasing the Four 60-Minute Coaching Sessions, you agree to comply with all terms of this Client 1-to-1 Coaching Agreement. This agreement include Description of Coaching, and terms of Coach-Client Relationship, Services, Schedule and Fees,  Procedure, Confidentiality, Cancellation Policy, Record Retention Policy, Termination, Limited Liability, Entire Agreement, Dispute Resolution, Severability, Waiver, Applicable Law, and Binding Effect.