What does it take to have success in business (while keeping your sanity)?

The podcast Step Up & Thrive – Tips for Women Entrepreneurs gives you quick and easy tips on business managementproductivitystress managementwork-life balance, and marketing.

This is for female entrepreneurs who are just starting a business and women in business who would like to grow their business.


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How to Create Your Visual Branding with Rebecca Fletcher

How to design a captivating visual brand? How to design and redesign your brand? These are questions I asked Rebecca Fletcher, a brand designer, and educator.

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How To Manage Business Risks With Becky Paroz

How can we deal with risk? How can we be prepared for them? These are some questions I asked Becky Paroz, coach, mentor, published writer, and accomplished presenter.

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Key Financial Numbers with Sara Verheyen

What is the importance of book-keeping and financial planning? Which key financial numbers to follow? These are some questions I asked Sara Verheyen, a professional bookkeeper.

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How To Create Passive Income With a Course with Katy Miller

How to identify a topic you could turn into a course? What are the steps of creating an online course? These are some questions I asked Katy Miller, a course creation expert and social media strategist.

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Starting a Profitable Business with Sharika Kellogg

How to balance me-time, being a mother, and running a business? How do you get business ideas if you are mom? This I asked Sharika Kellogg, the founder of The 25/8 MOM.

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How To Change Your Life With Visualization With Tanya MFK

How can we change our life with visualization? What is the science behind it? These are questions I asked Tanya MFK, Business Strategist with a degree in Applied Neuroscience.

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How to Create Authentic Content with Hannah Flores

How do we create authentic content? How do we plan our content in a way that does not feel unorganic? These are questions I asked Hannah Flores, an Authentic Marketing Strategist and Founder of Digital Nourishment.

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How to Use Brand Storytelling in Marketing with Darlene Hawley

How do you share your story to connect with your audience? How does your story help you to find your perfect client? These are questions I asked Darlene Hawley, a Brand & Business Clarity Coach and storyteller

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Tips for Managing Successful Virtual Teams with Liz daRosa

How to navigate in the new normal? How to work in the virtual space? These are questions I asked Liz daRosa, a Performance Coach and Digital Marketing Strategist.

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Overcome Your Public Speaking Fear with Megan Fisk

How can we handle our public speaking fears? Can introverts be successful public speakers? These are some topics I spoke about with Megan Fisk, a public speaking coach.

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Becoming a Digital Nomad with Julia Jerg

How to become a digital nomad? Where to start? What to take into consideration with the pandemic? These are questions I asked Julia Jerg, a family-travel and digital nomad blogger, social media marketing coach, public speaker, author, course creator, and blogger.

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Legal Tips for Entrepreneurs with Layne Lyons

What are the best ways to protect you and your business legally? What considerations should you have? These are questions I asked Layne Lyons, lawyer and legal expert.

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