How to Convert Social Media Into Sales with Kathryn Roberts


How to create effective social media content that converts? How to show that you are the actual expert? These are some questions I discussed with Kathryn Roberts, who is a consistent content strategist for service-based online business owners.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How to start marketing your services
  • How to show yourself as an expert
  • What to share in your social media channels
  • How to make use of your failures and challenges

About Kathryn Roberts:

Kathryn Roberts is an Arizona-based consistent content strategist for service-based online business owners. After a decade spent running PR for some of the largest college athletics programs in the country, she started Quest for $47 to teach entrepreneurs how to better establish their expertise and sell consistently through their social media marketing content, using her 1-Does-3 approach—your content gets to grow your platform, nurture your audience, and sell to your ideal client all at the same time, saving you time and allowing your business to grow when you’re working, and especially when you’re not.⠀⠀

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TP: Today we are speaking about social media marketing. And my guest today is Kathryn Roberts. Welcome, Kathryn.

KR: Thank you so much for having me. It's so great to be on your podcast.

TP: This podcast is for business owners, women entrepreneurs. Please share how you started an online business.

KR: OK, yeah. Now I. I started my business Quest for $47 in.. Made it 2018. I was at working as an office manager at a truly, truly terrible corporate job after working in a college athletics for over a decade. And I was absolutely miserable. And I was on the phone with one of my dear friends who's a coworker, and we were talking about how could we generate extra money outside of work without having to put in extra hours because we were being worked so hard in this job. And I had been aware of online business at the time, but what really wasn't sure how I would make my way through it. And after that phone call, I really just... I did a little math and discovered that I would need to create forty seven dollars a day every day for a year in passive income to cover my rent and expenses outside of my corporate salary. And that's where Quest for $47 was born. And since creating my business and starting it has evolved into teaching service based business owners how to better and more effectively market themselves on social media. Because that's really my background. Working in sports and PR, I spent way too much time hanging out on Twitter for a good decade. So I decided I would put my expertise to use and just showing business owners, especially those who provide one on one services, how to market themselves on social media as an expert. So when your ideal client finds you, no matter when they're finding you, they are seeing you and saying, oh, this person, this woman knows what she's talking about. I need to learn more from her and I need to work with her to solve my problems. And I left my day job in January of 2019 because I just couldn't take it anymore and have been doing it full time ever since.

TP: That's promising! So side business became your true business.

KR: That was absolutely always the goal. I knew very quickly after taking my office job that being a nine to five worker just wasn't a good fit for me. I was in an office that was Interior, so it had no windows. My only view was my best friend at work. And as much as I love him as a human person, he's not what I want to stare at every single day. And with how challenging it was to be able to spend time with family and friends. All of my friends live in a different state and my family lives in a different state. I'm in Arizona. They're in California. So it was always such a struggle to get time off that I was taking the early flight Saturday morning and coming back late Sunday night. And it was so stressful to do anything that I wanted to do for myself because my boss wanted me to kind of put in eight hundred hours a week when I was not passionate about her company. And I just needed to get out. And I knew that this business, whatever it was going to evolve and become, ultimately is going to be the best and only option for me. And I decided to take that leap and make it happen. And I have been working every single day to make it work for me. And even if there's a challenging day, nothing is more challenging than how I felt when I was at that job and miserable. And I will take any entrepreneurial challenges over any of that misery any day.

TP: That's a great story. Usually, when people create their new business, there are two things. Where to get money and where to get clients. What was your solution when you started your business?

KR: That's a really great question, because my business, it was originally a chronicle of how I was generating passive income and building my own business. And so having to to make that shift really meant having to understand what my skills are and what somebody who needs my skills, what are their needs and how can I show them that I meet their needs and I can help them get out of whatever struggle that they're going through. And it really came down to realizing my strengths as a marketer, creating an offer related to that, and then giving my ideal client an opportunity to sit down with me face to face. Because you can say that sales calls are dead until the cows come home and they're dead in certain ways. I won't deny that. But if you win, you get someone on a strategy session where they're having an opportunity to not just sit with you and discover who you are and discover how your services work for your clients. But when they're actually learning from you, that's when you have an opportunity to say, hey, this is what I can teach you based on this free bit of information that I process. And here is how we can take this to the next level. And, you know, it took some time to get confident with my pitch and to get confident with my offer. But now it's just a matter of saying, hey, you need me and I know you need me, and here's how I can help you. And here's how we can make your transformation truly impactful and truly amazing, not just for you, but for the people that you also serve.

TP: And you are serving in the area of social media marketing?

KR: Yes.

TP: So where can one start from?

What you do with that social media marketing content is all focused on how your ideal client is served through your paid offer. - Kathryn Roberts, Podcast Step Up & Thrive

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KR: When it comes to marketing and marketing yourself as a service provider, instead of starting with the marketing, you start with your offer and you start with how you are serving your ideal client, because that's just going to make everything all that much easier when you have the service, whether it's a a three month coaching program, a one on one power session, a consulting offer, start with that end game, start with the transformation that you provide and start with what kind of person really needs that transformation. The next step is to take a tiny piece of that massive offer that really big, that you're big core offer that you're selling and take one piece of it and turn that into your free offer, the free strategy session, the free audit, the free opportunity for somebody to really learn from you. And then once you have that, that's sort of the thing that you pitch to get people into your world and in order to get people into your world, you need social media, marketing content. And what you do with that social media marketing content is all focused on how your ideal client is served through your paid offer. So, for example, my one on one offer that I'm currently marketing is to teach service based business owners how to more effectively market themselves through social media, but also how to build the foundations of how they're going to be able to grow that sustainable business as they're marketing themselves and marketing themselves in a way that allows their businesses to grow and make money when they're working and when they're not. So as you can see, that's a really big piece of what I am teaching. And so that's why it's something that takes 12 weeks to teach. But when I turn that into my free offer, I take one aspect which is auditing your social media marketing content. And then when I add that to my my own social media marketing content, I focus it on showing up as an expert, showing up consistently how you're integrating sales into your marketing and how you're growing more effectively as a business owner and how you're spending less time on your marketing and more time building your relationships. So when people see my social media content, where I'm saying this is what you get to do to be an X, to be seen as an expert, this is what you get to do to have some sort of end game to your content instead of just saying, oh, what a beautiful day it is here where I live. You know, it's teaching my clients how to answer the and so what question that I see all the time when I'm scrolling through social media, because when I see a service based business on posting, you need to do X, Y and Z. Well, why do I need to do X, Y and Z? What is the benefit? What is the value? What is the point to what you are telling me? Or even the service based business owner who is saying I'm currently taking on new clients? Well, congratulations. You're taking on new clients. What does that mean? How are you serving me? What is the right person for your offer? Who needs you? And how are you showing me that you are the actual expert? So it all comes down to teaching clients how to have a point of their social media and then that leads them to your free offer, which then leads to that paid offer that you get to pitch to them once you're speaking to them one on one.

TP: So you mentioned that we have to show us as experts in this specific area. Can you explain that a little bit more?

KR: Oh, absolutely. This is one of my favorite things to talk about. So the misconception about social media for business is that it's like your personal social media. Like my personal social media, not the one that I use to market Quest for $47, is mostly selfies with my cat because I love her and she's cute, but I don't use that with my business because that has nothing to do with me being seen as an expert unless through my content I can relate how cute my cat is to my business, which I've done before. It's possible. I'm not saying that you can't have fun on your business base social media, but I am saying that it is a place for you to be sharing what you know, why it's important to know it, and why you are the right person for your ideal client to move forward with. It's the place to be seen like you're at the top of the staircase looking down upon the people who are a few steps behind you, who need you to elevate them. And it's not a place to be seen as, oh, she's in the exact same boat as I am, or, oh, my God, I relate to this thing that she's struggling with right now. One thing that we see a lot on social media that really it devalues your expertise is using your vulnerability in a way that gets in the way of you being an expert. It's saying I'm having a really hard day today. Relatable AF. Right. And that's not going to allow your ideal client to say, I'm going to put my trust and my money and my business in this person's hands. What so what you want to do instead is you want to say you're you're more than welcome. Vulnerable vulnerability is critical as a business owner, but you are vulnerable when you are finished with your challenge. So if you had a really hard month and it sucked, you tell your personal support system about how much that month sucked. But then you when you get out of that bad month and you get into that better month and when you're able to turn things around, that's when you can say to your audience, a couple months ago, I was feeling awful. I didn't know where to turn. I didn't know where I was getting clients. I didn't know what to do. I made no money. I didn't know how to pay my rent. But here's how I turn it all around and here's how you can turn it around, too. So that's what you need to do. To be seen as an expert is to use who you are, to use your journey and what you're going through. But you want to make sure that you were giving your ideal client the lesson and showing how your journey relates to how their journey can look when they work with you. And if you want to share how cute your cat is, how cute your children are, this beautiful view on your vacation, you're welcome to do that as long as you relate it to your business. Like here's my beautiful balcony and my beautiful workspace. I love that I get to be able to work from home through my business. Here's how I can help you turn your business into a full time income generator to insert a call to action here.

TP: There were several good tips useful for every women entrepreneur, and I like that you really stressed bringing up all those challenges. These are good when all the wounds have healed and not when they are really raw and bleeding, when you have so much emotions still there in this challenge,

KR: Exactly like we all as business owners, we're all going to make mistakes because failure is a part of entrepreneurship. But you get to relate your failures in the sense of I failed, but here here's how I succeed through this failure. Here's how you can avoid my mistake. And here's how you can get to your own success faster, because that's what everybody is looking for in an online business and in business in general. We are looking to solve people's problems. And when you can find a problem to solve and show them that this is the most valuable, most exciting, most optimum potential outcome, that's when somebody is going to say, oh, yeah, if she can have an outcome like that and if her clients can have an outcome like that, I can have an outcome like that, too. Like I can not even counted how many times I have, you know, read testimonials for programs that I want to be the next success story and I've become the next success story. It's all about, you know, using your story in an empowering way and not in a way that seems to put you in that same little rowboat, trying to navigate your way across the raging river, which is funny because I live in Arizona and we don't really have a lot of rivers, but I think the metaphor still stands.

TP: And maybe it's more relevant because of that.

KR: Yeah, exactly.

TP: Lovely. And now it's time for the Quick Tips section. And this is the thing, what we regularly do in our podcast. So what is your biggest revelation about social media marketing?

KR: It can feel overwhelming. There's so many challenges, so many questions on where what to do, where to start, how do I stand out? And it's really all about knowing that your message needs to be heard. And when I realize that no matter how many people are seeing my content and creating the content that I know my ideal client needs to know, that's where it just gets all that much easier to show up and to say, hey, you need to know this. And if I can make an impact on one person, I know that I can continue to make an impact on more and more and more people. And the more consistently I show up, the more consistently my ideal client is going to be found. And the more effectively that I show that I know that I'm an expert, the more effective my content is going to be in converting those people who find me into the paying clients that we're all looking for. Because our end game as business owners is, of course, to make sales. And knowing that was really it alleviated a lot of challenges for me.

TP: So main thing is show up consistently and provide value for your clients.

KR: Absolutely. When you know it's not that you need to be posting on Instagram 365 days of the year. But the more consistently you show up, the easier it is for you to build the momentum that's going to grow your business. But also the easier it's going to be for that momentum to continue to build, even if you do need to take a day off. Because I had to take a few days off a couple of weeks ago because I was not feeling so great and it just was making it like I knew that I needed to take a step back to take care of myself as a human person and as the business owner first. And I was still growing. I was still reaching people and I was still effective in advancing my business, even though I was not showing up, because I still show up 80 percent of the times. And when you can show up 80 percent of the time, you can afford to take that twenty percent throughout however long that you need to take in order to rest, refresh, figure out the new angle that you're going to take and do what you need to do in order to do what's best for you in your business.

TP: And this is a really good extra tip. You just have to take care of yourself.

KR: Absolutely. The more you can take care of yourself physically, mentally and to get yourself in the position where you're excited to show up, the easier it is going to be and the more that your ideal client is going to really resonate with your content, because they can tell when you're trying to like half-ass or whatever. And we really don't we really don't want that to happen, we really want them to see your best self and for you to put out your best stuff, because you never know when somebody is going to come into your world. And this also really plays back to showing up as an expert every single time you show up online because you never know who's going to who's going to see your stuff. So if you do post that random cat selfie and there's nothing related to your business, then your perfect ideal client who is ready to give you their credit card information is going to scroll on by and find somebody else who is showing that they're an expert and you're going to lose thousands. I have seen business owners is thousands of dollars because their social media marketing content is not effective. And of course, that just further reminds me of just how important it is that I get this message out to as many people as possible. And I put myself in the position to serve as many people as possible through opportunities like this.

TP: Yeah, and this podcast is also one way to show up and provide some peek into your business world.

KR: Absolutely.

TP: Thank you so much Kathryn for joining us and sharing all those tips. And if our listeners would like to know more about you and follow you where can they do so.

KR: So my favorite place to hang out is my Instagram. It's the Quest for $47 Instagram. That's QUESTFOR47. That's a lot of purple on my feed. So it's that, that's where I can be found. That's, that's what I love hanging out there. And I do a live, a little live stream every afternoon called ten minutes of online business coaching and all the replays are available on my IGTV tab.

TP: And there is also a special offer from you, this marketing content audit what you mentioned.

KR: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. So if you are a service based business owner and your social media marketing content is not converting, is not growing for you, is not showing that you are that expert, that you know, that you want your ideal client to see you as I'm happy to look at your marketing content for free and sit down and show you how to position your profile to show your ideal client how you serve them and get them excited about working with you, the current weaknesses in your social media marketing content and how to fix them. And, of course, how to naturally integrate selling into your marketing content so that you can book more clients and make more sales. And I believe the link to book that free audit will be available in the show notes.

TP: Yes, it will be there. So please check our show notes and grab your free audit. And thank you, everybody. And thank you, Kathryn.

KR: Of course. Thank you so much for having me. This is what this is a really great conversation. Thank you so much.

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