Step Up & Thrive – Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

Tuuli Paaksi  |  happy @ becomehappystayhappy.com

About the Podcast

The podcast Step Up & Thrive – Tips for Women Entrepreneurs gives quick and easy tips on business management, productivity, stress management, work-life balance, and marketing. Short episodes provide female entrepreneurs with the necessary information to create a successful business. 

Sample Topics:

  • How to make a sale
  • Basics of time management
  • Working... With kids
  • Best ways to test your business idea

Listen to published episodes here.

Target Audience:

The podcast is for female entrepreneurs who are just starting a business and for female entrepreneurs who would like to grow their business.

Ideal Guest:

On Step Up & Thrive, I’m looking for experts who can give quick and easy tips for female entrepreneurs. I am also looking for entrepreneurs who can share their empowering path to success.

About Tuuli:

Tuuli Paaksi is a Personal Development Coach and the founder of Become Happy, Stay Happy. 

As a business owner with 20+ years under her belt, she is no stranger to the roller coaster of entrepreneurship...

She was lucky to have great colleagues, coaches, and mentors to lean on. And with their support, she was able to pick herself up, dust herself off, and build a successful business and a happy life.
Her mission is to provide all the inspiration, motivation, strategies, and tools female entrepreneurs need to STEP UP & THRIVE. 

Guest Application:

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