50 Best Stress-Reducing Products of 2020

Lockdown, quarantine, insecurity, uncertain future – all these factors contribute to our stress level... by increasing it.
What can you do to destress your life? Let me introduce the list of 50 best self-care products. All the products on this list help you to relieve your stress. So why not also buy some of them for your family, friends, and collaborators?
Making this list was definitely toooo fun. As I did research for this list, one of my kids sat next to me shouting, "Mom, Mom! Please buy this for me!" For almost every product. And I must admit that I now have quite a few stress-management tools on my shopping list as well.

The cost of each product is less than $80. And most of them are under $10. So even the price should not stress you!
Notice: This list does not include any affiliate marketing links! So feel free to find some favorite product(s) for yourself and your dear ones.

If your hands are restless:

1. Emoji Stress Ball

This twelve-piece set of stress balls calms nerves and relieves stress. Also, when you compress it, it strengthens the muscles of the fingers, wrist, and forearm. Use this link to buy it!

2. Unicorn Squishy Balls

This set of three stress balls have a calming and stress-relieving effect. And who wouldn't want to hold a unicorn in their hands?! Use this link to buy it!

3. Chinese Health Balls

Rotating the balls in your hand soothes the soul and mind. As a result of the correct rotation, the chimes inside the ball start to ring. Use this link to buy it!

4. Desktop Punching Bag

Use a desk-mounted boxing ball to get rid of all your frustrations. And then you can watch how it sways back and forth. Use this link to buy it!

5. 6-Pack of Jumbo Size Squishy Animal Toys

This set of six cute squishy characters includes Monkey, Puppy, Giraffe, Bunny, Elephant and Kitty. Use this link to buy it!

6. Squeeze-a-Bean Keychain

Squeeze the bean out over and over again when you get stressed or bored. The pea in the middle of the pod has a very cute facial expression. Use this link to buy it!

If you like to fidget:

7. Ballpoint Fidget Pen

This pliable pen comes with magnetic balls and a metal spring element to help you create different types of stress-relief tools. Use this link to buy it!

8. Fidget Dodecagon

Twelve-sided fidget cube relieves stress and anxiety. It keeps minds and fingers occupied, reduces stress and anxiety, prevents the mind from wandering off, and allows you to better focus. The twelve sides include gears, buttons, a joystick, a switch, stress balls, disks, silicone balls, and more. Use this link to buy it!

9. 3-Piece Fidget Pad

Multi-feature game controller pad which has nine functions: rocker, breathe, spin, flip, roll, lanyard hold, click, shift, and massage. It is versatile enough to meet your different needs. Use this link to buy it!

10. Fidget Spinner

This unique fidget toy is based on the theory of the double pendulum and random motion (Chaos Theory). It means that the movements are unique and follow different paths each time you spin. The ways of using this fidget spinner are endless. You can flick it, let it drop and spin, balance it horizontally while small movements create large unpredictable results, generate endless spins by perpetual motion, spin one or both arms, and more. Use this link to buy it!

11. Flippy Chain Fidget Toy

The flippy chain fidget is perfect for hours and hours of non-distracting, silent fidgeting. The flippy chain doesn't distract or draw attention (unlike its cousin, the fidget spinner) and is perfect for using in classrooms, offices, meetings, airplanes, etc. Use this link to buy it!

12. Kinetic Desk Stress-Relief Toy

It creates a full-body optical illusion when spun. It looks like the continuously-flowing helix would merge into the surface of the tabletop. It is designed to spin on any desk or flat surface. Simply place it on your desktop and give it a spin to create a mind-bending 360° optical illusions. Use this link to buy it!

If scents are your thing:

13. Hot & Cold Herbal Aromatherapy Neck & Shoulder Wrap

Relieve muscle pain and tension, and promote relaxation with this hot-and-cold plush wrap that envelops your shoulders and neck for a customized fit adaptable to any body type. This wrap features an integrated herb blend that harnesses aromatherapy for overall relaxation. Use this link to buy it!

14. Heat Therapy Pack - Mighty Relief Pillow

Gently melt around muscles, joints, bruises, swelling, or sunburn to distribute cold/heat for optimum, spot-targeted deep relief. Heat therapy boosts circulation, which aids healing and muscle relaxation. Cold compresses reduce swelling and pain. Ideal for specific aches, easing monthly cramps, healing sprains, and more. Use this link to buy it!

15. Microwavable Lavender-Scented Plush Toy Stuffed Animal - Magical Unicorn

This super-soft, adorable stuffed animal heats up, cools down, and provides aromatherapy to help relax you. It's a soothing, comforting friend! Heatable, coolable plush animal is filled with all-natural grains and a french lavender scent. Magical Unicorn eases tense muscles or helps you cool off on hot nights. Use this link to buy it!

16. Essential Oil Diffuser

Besides its uses in aromatherapy, this essential oil diffuser also functions as a night light. The combination of powerful oil humidifier and charming LED light makes you feel incomparable tranquility under the Milky Way galaxy. Use this link to buy it!

17. Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier with Alarm Clock

This essential oil diffuser with an alarm clock lets you enjoy the benefits of an air humidifier that removes dry heat, as well as an essential oil diffuser with three mist settings: weak, strong, and intermittent. Also, the diffuser features twelve countdown timers to chose from. Use this link to buy it!

If your body needs a massage:

18. Selfie Massager

The Selfie Massager was designed to be the ultimate massage tool, since each therapy node and spike can be used on every part of the body from the neck to the feet. The Selfie Massager is the ideal muscle massage tool for bringing relief to a patch of muscles in spasm (knots) or trigger points. Use this link to buy it!

19. Neck Massager

The two soft yet firm silicone balls help loosen up tense muscles by focusing on the main pressure trigger points. You can press, squeeze, and knead to release your tight, stiff, and aching muscles on your neck, shoulder, or leg. This neck massager can help improve your blood circulation to reduce fatigue and improve your sleeping quality to maintain good body energy. It can also help relieve your headaches or migraines, and promotes healing from sprains or arthritis suffers. Use this link to buy it!

20. Hand-Held Massage Tool

Four legs with knobs give a gentle and deep penetrating massage. Ideal for soft tissue, trigger point, and full-body spa massage. Use this link to buy it!

21. Large Dual-Foot Massager Roller

Designed to stimulate and release tension in the feet. Use it at home or the office. Use this link to buy it!

22. Infrared Body Handheld Massager

A small massager with an infrared heater revitalizes your muscles. Use this link to buy it!

23. Palm Shaped Massage Glove

Hand-held design with nine rolling metal balls. The roller can be rotated in 360 degrees. It can be used anywhere and anytime. Suitable for any point of your body, such as head, face, neck, back, chest, belly, leg, foot, etc. It helps decrease fatigue and reduce the appearance of cellulite by improving circulation. It also reduces aches and pains. Use this link to buy it!

24. Metal Anti-stress Finger Rings

This ring is very efficient when it comes to capturing one’s attention. It is a helpful aid for people with OCD, ADHD, ADD, autism, and many other similar conditions as well. It also activates blood circulation in fingers and is an excellent aid for numb or cold fingers. The set has ten rings. Use this link to buy it!

25. Vibrating Massage Ball

The textured surface helps you to relax and eliminate pain. You can use it on your back, hips, legs, arms, waist, feet, etc. The massage balls are available in four modes: light, medium, high and variable-speed vibration. Use this link to buy it!

26. Handheld Massager

The mini massager with three prongs is excellent for sensitive areas. It works great for neck pain, fibromyalgia pain, shoulder pain, sore muscles, headaches, and aching back, legs, arms, or face. It releases tense muscles better than any medications or ointments. It is small enough to fit into the little pocket of your bag, portable for travel, hiking or camping, and suitable for many other things that require a moment of relaxation. Use this link to buy it!

27. Foot -Warming Deep Tissue Massager

Shiatsu foot warmer and massager features a soft fleece surface to keep your feet comfortable and cozy during your massage. It has a heat option with four rotating massage heads to provide you with a deep-tissue foot massage. The massage function can be used separately or simultaneously with the heat function. Use this link to buy it!

28. Plush Unicorn Foot Massager

If the previous foot massager is dull, you can get this Unicorn Foot Massager. Use this link to buy it!

29. Cat Huggable Massager

Great home, office, or travel huggable massager. Use it to massage your neck, shoulders and back. Use this link to buy it!

30. Pulsating Vibrating Relaxation Pillow

The vibrating massage pillow features a soft, durable cover and is foam filled. Gentle vibrations encourage relaxation and work well to calm an over-stimulated person. Use the pillow to relax and go to sleep. It has bi-directional, dual micro-motors for high speed or low speed. It can work as a lumbar-support travel pillow to relieve back pain. Use this link to buy it!

31. Vibrating Massaging Neck Pillow

The contoured massaging neck pillow features a wrap-around loop that conforms naturally to your neck and helps eliminate tension. The neck massager pillow brings comfort and relaxation to your lower neck to give you maximum comfort. Use it in bed or when lying down to massage other parts of your body. Use this link to buy it!

32. Scalp Massager

Get a calming head massage or scalp scratch any time with this scalp massager. Twelve rubber tips gently massage without tangling or scratching. It boosts circulation, hair follicle stimulation, and overall hair and scalp health. Use this link to buy it!

33. Electric Scalp Massager

Massage your scalp for comfortable relaxation. It effectively reduces stress, enhances blood circulation, reduces insomnia, and more. Suitable for athletes, fatigued people, the elderly, office workers, drivers, and others suffering from headaches or stress. Use this link to buy it!

If your eyes are tired:

34. Organic flax seed & Lavender Scented Aromatherapy Eye Pillow

Microwave for toasty warmth, or freeze for soothing, cold relief or stress reduction. Use this link to buy it!

35. Lavender Eye Pillow

Stuffed with natural lavender flower and flaxseed, this eye pillow provides calming aroma-therapeutic benefits. Perfect for yoga, meditation, puffy eyes, relaxation, and as a spa or sleep aid. It helps relieve stress, insomnia, migraines, and headaches. Use this link to buy it!

36. Gel Eye Pads

Get great healing of puffy, swollen eyes and soreness around your face with a gel pads. It uses hot and cold therapy to soothe your pain and offer relaxation. Great to soothe migraine headaches and other stress-related aches around your face. Use this link to buy it!

37. Heated Eye Mask

This eye heating pad can be used anytime, anywhere you like. Simply plug it to a PC, power bank or USB adapter. You can use it for a short break, at bedtime, or when traveling to relieve eye stress, headache, puffy eyes, and insomnia. Use this link to buy it!

38. Electric Massager for Dry Eyes

A combination of intelligent modes offers a suitable massage around your eyes and temples to relieve eye fatigue, puffiness, and dry eyes. It promotes blood circulation, soothes the ocular muscles, and helps to remove dark circles. Its soft music meets different needs and can be turned on/off as you like. Use this link to buy it!

If your body needs support:

39. Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket gives you better sleep. It can reduce stress and anxiety. Use this link to buy it!

40. Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

This acupressure set melts away the pain, tension, and stress in a completely natural manner. Over 7,000 ergonomically-engineered spikes activate your body’s innate healing response and unblock stagnant energy pathways that could be hindering you from fulfilling your daily goals. Simply lie on your acupressure spike mat and pillow for a relaxing, therapeutic massage that will stimulate the release of endorphins and lull you to sleep. You may experience less anxiety and stress in a matter of minutes. Incorporate this mat into your day as you work, meditate, or practice yoga. The back-pressure spike mat may also help with a host of physical problems such as upper and lower back pain relief. Neck tension should ease away. It can also deter headaches, sciatica, and fibromyalgia. Use this link to buy it!

If being present helps you to calm down:

41. Adult Coloring Books Set

Over 120+ images of animals, mandalas, and scenery to color in stress-relieving patterns can be colored by beginners and enthusiastic experts alike. This set includes basic, intermediate, and advanced designs of varying levels in each book, so you can choose what you have time to color that day. Use this link to buy it!

42. 3 Adult Coloring Books

Each coloring book has twenty-four creative & intricate stress-relieving designs. The set comes with ten pre-sharpened colored pencils. Use this link to buy it!

43. Wooden Zen Sand Garden

Deluxe wooden Zen sand garden has six types of rakes, two meditation figurines, sand, and rocks. Zen gardens are a great way to relieve stress and be more mindful. It is perfect for desks, bookshelves, and home decor. Use this link to buy it!

44. Buddha Board

This Buddha meditation board uses water as paint: just fill the stand with water, then dip in the brush to start your creation. As the water evaporates, your newly-created images will slowly fade away, and the board can be used over and over again. As you draw or write on your board and watch the images disappear, you'll feel stress slipping away. You’ll feel calm and peaceful all over. Try it and enjoy the good energy and calmness it brings to your life. Use this link to buy it!

45. Magic Plasma Ball

The plasma ball can generate colorful streams of electricity that dance across the surface of the whole globe like atmosphere, perfectly demonstrating physics science. Place your finger on the glass surface and watch as colored bolts of glowing light follow your every move. It can activate the oxygen molecules in the air to make it easily absorbed, activate diverse body enzymes to promote metabolism, and encourage better sleep. Use this link to buy it!

46. Liquid Motion Bubbler

The descending bubbles have a soothing and mesmerizing effect that keeps you entertained for hours. Gravity guides the colored droplets to travel down at a slow-motion. It is a great therapy toy and it helps to relieve stress. It never runs out of energy. Just flip it over and start again. Use this link to buy it!

47. Newton's Cradle

Watch as a ball on one end strikes another one, sending the ball on the opposite end into the air while the ones in the middle stay perfectly still. It is excellent for relieving boredom and releasing stress. Use this link to buy it!

48. Magnet Building Blocks 

This magnetic building set contains 171 steel balls and one ultra-strong magnetic base. The blocks have endless combinations. It is not easy, but the designs depend on your patience and creativeness. It makes great desk decor for stress relief. Use this link to buy it!

If you need light for calming distress:

49. Light Therapy Lamp

The rotating light panel gives excellent flexibility, allowing you to place, position, and direct the lamp in a way that maximizes your light therapy session. The quick, one-touch operation makes it simple to use. The lamp provides the recommended 10,000 LUX brightness for effective light therapy to help beat the winter blues, regulate sleep, fight fatigue, boost mood, and improve focus. Use this link to buy it!

If you need more joy in your life:

50. Gratitude Journal

This journal helps you to increase joy and happiness in your daily life. A few minutes a day is enough to change your mindset and create a different life for you. The downloadable journal includes daily gratitude and priority sections as well as inspiring quotes. Use this link to buy it!

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