30 Days of Gratitude Challenge

Are you ready to shift from a find-the-problems mindset
to a find-what-works-in-my-life mindset?


Join the Thirty Days of Gratitude Challenge and make your life work!

This challenge is for you if :

  • You have tooooooo many problems to solve and you don't know where to start.
  • Everything feels dull and grey and you miss color in your life.
  • You believe that you're below average and there is nothing you can excel in.
  • You have so much negativity around you that it makes you feel sick.
  • You're stuck and can't find the launch pad that will send you to the stars.

What else can you receive as a result of participating in this challenge?
Please read how Eini benefitted from the Gratitude Challenge:

During this Gratitude Challenge, I have progressed from being grateful to being grateful ‘on steroids.’ Before this experiment, I hadn’t thought of all those different aspects of my life that I was gently guided to analyze. This has definitely improved my life’s quality. Now, when I get a tiny setback, it’s easier for me put it into the right perspective. From doing this Gratitude Challenge, I know that, in a big picture, everything is well and I have everything. This Gratitude Challenge has altered my mindset. It has brought me peace, appreciation, and the understanding that it’s a precious privilege to be alive.


This Gratitude Challenge 
includes a printable Workbook. 
You can use it as many times
as you would like.

As a bonus, you'll get all of the days at once.

Right now! You can dive into your mindset shifting immediately.


This challenge might be the thing that enables you to change your mindset painlessly, for good!


The price of the Thirty Days of Gratitude Challenge is 17 € (excl. VAT).


How much more ease can you create for your life and business?

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